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Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance or planned maintenance visits (PMV’s) are low cost scheduled service visits aimed at reducing your overall service costs whilst extending the life of your equipment.

PMV’s can also increase your equipment’s efficiency, reduce running costs, provide faster cycles and ensure the machine is working as the manufacturer intended. Some extended warranties insist these visits are carried out.

Typical PMV's include:

Annual Gas Safe Checks and Certification

Ensure you appliances are operating correctly, efficiently and safely. Our engineers are Gas Safe registered engineers will assess your equipment and ensure it is complaint with the latest guidelines and advise you of any works that need addressing.

Annual Services

Just like your car, commercial laundry equipment is a high tech piece of equipment. Just like your car, commercial laundry equipment should have a 6 or 12 monthly service to ensure everything is running as it should. These check and services will make the equipment run more efficiently, less costly to run and reduce the chance of future breakdowns due to poor maintenance and spot early signs of deterioration which can be prevented. We will also check that the equipment is safe to operate and use.

Duct Cleaning

Your tumble dryer removes moisture and lint from your machine. This lint builds up overtime on the internal walls of your dryer ducts. This substantially reduces your drying efficiency, speed and effectiveness whilst in turn increasing your running costs of the machine considerably. It is also a fire hazard and many current insurance policies insist you have a scheduled duct cleaning otherwise they may invalidate your insurance.

These routine visits can cost as little as £45.00 + vat per machine.