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your commercial laundry & dishwasher partner since 1977


Need a dishwasher but don't know which?


In 4 easy questions we'll help you choose the right dishwasher for your business.

Freshwater, tank system, front-loader, through-feed? There are lots of options when it comes to buying a new commercial dishwasher - finding the right machine that is suited to your business needs will undoubtedly increase your productivity, save costs and give you piece of mind.

In four easy steps will help find you the right machine.

Why Miele & Acer Equipment?

Miele's Birmingham partner Acer Equipment Ltd provide the highest quality commercial laundry and dishwashing products. Quality and reliability is at the heart of every Miele product, our commercial machines are designed for 15,000 hours of use subjected to rigourous endurance testing during development, and Miele machines consistently come out on top in many independent tests - it's what you'd expect from the company that designed the first ever electric dishwasher.

Acer Equipment Ltd's range includes the right machines for every need. All our products have been tried and tested in businesses just like yours all over the world.

The range includes the following machines; please click on the model to see further details;

Miele G7855 - Ideal for guest houses, cafes, restaurants, pubs, smaller NHS, care and nursing facilities
Miele G7856 - "quick cycle" Ideal for guest houses, restaurants, smaller NHS, care and nursing facilities.
Miele G7859 - "thermal disinfection" Ideal for NHS, care and nursing facilities
Miele G8050 - Ideal for light commercial, day centres, office applications and sheltered housing.
Miele G8066 - Ideal choice for heavy use care homes, hospitals and hotels where speed is the key
Miele G8072 - Ideal for heavy use care homes, hospitals and hotels where throughput is the key

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