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Tumble Dryers

Commercial tumble dryers range from 5kg in capacity and come with many different features and benefits to the end user. There are a number of basic options which need to be considered such a required capacity, gas or electric heating, application suitability, exhaust type, ducting design and ventilation requirements. There are also a number of recent advances in technology which are changing the market and increasing the benefits to the end user. We have the widest range of tumble dryers available to suit every application with different features and sizes designed to meet any business requirement. We partner with the very best manufacturers such as Miele Professional which provides us with fantastic products, support and expertise. We can advise on every aspect of a commercial tumble dryers, including efficiency, capacity, gas, electrical and ventilation install requirements and suitability for your application.

We offer a variety of purchasing methods including the ever popular all-inclusive AcerCare Rental packages. In addition to added quality, reliability and performance we are totally independent and will only ever recommend the best information and product for your requirement.


Commercial tumble dryers can be a simple concept but there are also a lot of options available and regulatory requirements for each dryer which can make this type of purchase more complex. We strongly advise discussing your requirements with one of our specialists who can talk through the suitable solutions. A commercial tumble dryer purchase requires planning and not just picking a machine off a webpage and having it delivered. We would ideally discus your initial requirements and then arrange a site visit to understand and advise on the setup required. We can then advise with full disclosure what is required. Please have a look round the site and then give us a call for further information.

Small Professional Tumble Dryers

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Coin Operated Tumble Dryers

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